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Pre-Qualifying Application

An account representative will review your inquiry and follow up to discuss your Pre-Qualification App.

Below are some quick comments on businesses that unlikely will qualify for factoring:

  • Businesses that do not have purchase orders or work authorization by account debtor.
  • Business that invoice prior to completing delivery of product or services. (Pre‐billing)
  • Businesses that do not get sign offs for services rendered or proof of delivery.
  • Businesses that sell once a year to a customer, has non‐recurring business with accounts, or has cross‐aged aging of receivables. (Perhaps a spot factor may be more interested in this type of client)
  • Businesses that have SBA loans that are encumbering business assets, and receivables were part of the borrowing base. (Must be subordinated or loan paid off to factor a/r)
  • Business that have tax liens and no payment plan in place. (IRS will normally subordinate if there is a payment plan in place)
  • Businesses that sell to small non‐credit worthy clients or non‐commercial accounts.
  • Businesses that sell with contingent clauses, ongoing chargebacks, or recurring dilution.

Invoices past 90 Day Terms are ineligible unless there is a special case.

If yes, please explain your experience and history?

Explain how the business invoices and what documents (Purchase orders, work authorization forms and Sign offs) are required to submit with invoice?

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